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Laboratory for Media and versatile Applications
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Laboratory for Media and versatile Applications — mission
MEVA-Lab's Logo (icon) -> profile The MEVA-Lab, Laboratory for Media and versatile Applications, is part of Bochum University's of Applied Sciences department of Computer Science. The Lab features a broad spectrum of services.   Herefore, within the campus, the domain fb3-MEVA is quite substantial.

The MEVA-Lab also belongs to the Institute for Automation & Industrial IT.
The head professor is Dr.‑Ing. Albrecht Weinert.
Scientific assistants to the Lab are Messrs. Dipl.-Ing. T. Bartsch and Dipl.-Ing. C. Nowak.

MEVA-Lab's Logo ->  to the watercolour (middle sized) The implementation of services and applications, including those with hard real time and process control requirements, in a networked environment is objective and working area of the
Laboratory for Media and versatile Applications.

Media  at one hand means modern presentation and coding of data, information and interfaces (XML, HTML, PDF, AJAX, GWT ..);
and  Media, on the other hand, are contemporary tools, procedures and protocols for communication (TCP, IP, HTTP(S), SSL ..) to implement
versatile  applications. By
Applications  the "real" stuff is meant: Applications realising processes  — business and industrial (with actuators and sensors) —  also in real time. Versatile applications and their networked distribution, logically, leads to the preferability of platform-independent standards (Java, XML, J2EE ..).

MEVA-Lab's Logo  (watercolour) -> big Our goal  — the implementation of versatile services and applications in a networked environment — is also symbolised in the Lab's logo.
See the icon (left) and the pictures on the right, technically and as work of art (watercolour).

MEVA-Lab's Logo  (Iicon) -> start page In the symbolism the acronym MEVA, joined as ligature, depicts the net, which  — allegorated by M, V and A's prolonged descenders —  integrates even remote clients and servers.

MEVA-Lab         Orientation
We strive to enable our graduates to cope with future challenges and to work, like us, successfully in IT.

This inherently implies the mastery of modern techniques and the ability to life-log learning. We, too, continuously learn for the sake of up-to-date teaching. Substantial means therefore are our research topics and projects, worked upon as industry related developments with close integration of our graduates.

Respectfulness in social intercourse, between colleagues as well as towards students, is the daily life in MEVA-Lab, as well as the responsible use of technology and resources.

These ethical values we mediate, mainly by doing, to our students.
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