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Laboratory for Media and versatile Applications — profile
MEVA-Lab's Logo (icon) -> mission The MEVA-Lab, Laboratory for Media and versatile Applications, is part of Bochum University's of Applied Sciences department of Computer Science. The Lab features a broad spectrum of services in development, research and teaching.
On our goal, on the logo's symbolic etc. you'll find more in the " mission statement".
ISBN 3-446-21567-0 -> Infos MEVA-Lab has some close co-operations with other Labs, institutes and companies, mainly on Java projects.

PLCopen Since 2006 Professor Weinert and the MEVA-Lab are an "Educational Institute" member of PLCopen. This is a logical consequence of earlier contributions to IEC61131 (w/o the 6 in those days). And it fits to our Java (and XML) philosophy of being platform independent.

Within the university's network the MEVA-Lab runs the domain "fb3-MEVA" (, being the one campus-wide Active Directory. And it renders a lot of services to all department and university members.

Therefore we have a powerful server infrastructure, Testing an IP telephone system using 100% Java and XML many workstations, peripheral devices, automation and robotic systems and tools. Up to date laboratory facilities and a modern teaching room with 10 workstations are supported by this infrastructure (see also the upper right image).

Our facilities encompass the (distributed) overall system, from development of hardware and electronics, the programming of (embedded) controllers and PLCs, to Java, OO and XML development, Web-Services including documentation test and consulting.
Java — the language of the MEVA
Java is predestined for distributed greeting Dukeapplications, also in the field of automation and process control. At the beginnings of Java the syntactic resemblance to C (going a bit too far) as well as the (then) popularity of moving Applets to animate web pages fuelled the the first marketing successes of Java. These aspects are of no more importance, luckily. Java is now the number one programming language for serious business and control applications, even very ISBN 3-446-21567-0 -> Infoslarge and mission critical ones.

The enduring success of Java in these critical field is now supported by the immense progress in compiler technology, multi threading and processing, and deployment techniques — catchwords being memory model, web-start etc.). And there is also the facts of platform independence and scalability from the biggest mainframe to the tiniest card.

Since its foundation in 1997 Java is MEVA-Lab's the "strategic" language — and of many companies in the meantime. If we do some programming or development we take Java, as a basic principle. This does not exclude other languages, down to assembler, provided there are some very good reasons for it.

But:   What can be done successfully with Java, we do neither in in C++, C, ...
  ... nor with ActiveX, C#, MSdotNet, Ruby ...
... except of course our growing µController-based automation development activities. Here we do all embedded software in 100% C.
More background information can be found on the profound German version of this page. Thank you.
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