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Laboratory for Media and versatile Applications
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Laboratory for Media and versatile Applications — services
This is a survey on the services provided by the Laboratory for Media and versatile Applications — MEVA-Lab for short — for the Institute for Automation & industrial IT, the Computer Science department as well as for the whole Bochum University.

For providing IT services to laboratories and the Computer science department an essential mean is the
  • domain fb3-MEVA. Herewith lies the base for:
  • file service for all those users (campus wide); for students the capacity is limited, but will be enlarged on request,
  • user accounts for all students (about 4000) having any teaching connection to the computer science department (FBE) employing their (campus unique) LDAP Id, to get access to
  • laboratory workstations (see login procedure)
  • print service, campus wide on some of the the "copiers" employing their pay per page facilities. The service is for all all members and students (January 2006 until September 2009),
  • a variety of Web services, like CVS, SVN, data base systems and else (due to a University's administrations slump shamefully not visible from outside the campus. Apologies for that, and use MEVA-Lab's external services.)
That is complemented by a variety of (designedly) more internal or hidden services
  • accounts for all computer science department (FBE) members giving some expanded rights,
  • accounts (about 90) for our office and lab workstations, server plus for about 70 teaching room workstations in our institute,
  • facility protection and management system for the institute's labs and offices (a 100% Java application by the way),
  • backup for the file service,
  • version control (internally) using Subversion (SVN),
  • a variety of internal Web services for process and account control.
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