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MEVA-Lab's services — domain fb3-MEVA — accounts
Owning an account in the Active Directory domain fb3-MEVA you may freely use all its teaching room and laboratory workstations. Additionally the account provides a campus wide file service giving you access to your personal storage.

By using the you are able to check, control and even make your personal account in the Domain fb3-MEVA that will be synonymous and password synchronised with your single University LDAD account.

University's LDAP accounts — background
Each member of Bochum University of Applied Sciences has an unique (LDAP) account.
The scheme of the account names is something like
  • sfb335123 (for students),
  • mfb34012 (for staff except lecturers.
  • dfb30099 (lecturer, professors)   as well as
  • xfb30099 or afb30099 (special accounts and external/guest students)
  • V10N1234P (for all new members since WS 2009; new schema)
To each LDAP account belongs one password.

That name / password pair is used by university members to authenticate themselves for e-mail as well as for all other self service functions, like opting in and out for exams, labs etc. seeing their scores and much more.

That alone is sufficient reason to strictly keep your password secret. And do never let anyone else work with your (synonymous) fb3-MEVA credentials or lab workstation login.

The Web service "Login-Check" mentioned above allows you to check if you do remember your LDAP name/password pair. You really should. Password and account problems have to be dealt with the administration (DVZ or Studierendenservice).

Corresponding fb3-MEVA domain accounts — background
Some 6000 University members do or did own an account in MEVA-Lab's domain fb3-MEVA being (since 2001) the (only) one campus wide Active Directory. Whenever successfully having logged in to one of MEVA-Lab's teaching room workstations or one of the Web services the domain password will be synchronised to the the LDAP.

Having an MEVA-Lab account gives you access to work in our labs and teaching rooms as well as some other campus wide services based on the domain fb3-MEVA.
Those include the file service.

Web servers of the domain fb3-MEVA
The server PD328S and hence the Web services implemented there can only be utilised within the the universty's intranet.

Worldwide and less restricted access to our content and some services you'll find on other servers Parts of the services and content provided require access via HTTPS and hence accepting the certificate of the server involved and partly your authentication as member of the domain fb3-MEVA.

Web services were mostly implemented as Java Servlets on J2EE / Tomcat having gone back to PHP (for sake of consistency with extarnal providers). This will be transparent to the client, i.e. your Browser.

Some services use AJAX and JavaScript.
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