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Bochum University of Applied Sciences
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Laboratory for Media and versatile Applications

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Bochum University of Applied Sciences — Hochschule Bochum
MEVA-Lab (Laboratory for Media and versatile Applications)
Lennershofstraße 140
44801 Bochum — Germany

Posture of buildings
Computer science's offices and laboratories are distributed over the Bochum University's buildings B, C and D. The MEVA-Lab and the Institute for Automation & industrial IT is locatetd in our building D3.

Edifices B, C and F are connected to the University's main entrance, Lennershofstraße 140, about 700m from station Lennershof or terminus Hustadt of subway line U35.
Edifice D3 --> picture, big
To our offices and laboratories in building D3 you get by a short walk over the yard in basement layer "01" using the elevators or stairways in the centre of C-building.
According to a Ruhr-University's curious standard a leading zero at floor numbers means "minus": read basement or below.

Using the car entrance, you would walk from terminus (Hustadt) of subway U35 or bus 346 directly over the big public parking to the D-building. .. -> trunk roads (big picture) Entrance D3

Bochum University of Applied Sciences, surroundings

Clicking the map opens a big national routes map.

U35 Hustadt:
shortest path diagonally through parking area and car entrance

U35 Lennershof:
shortest path to Univertsity's main entrance
Journey by rail
Bochum is very well connected to the regional and national train system. Bochum main station (DB, Deutsche Bahn) has direct underground (U35) connection to University about every 5 to 10 minutes during the week. Driving time to the stations Lennershof and Hustadt (terminus) is 10 minutes. Plan your rail trip to Bochum e.g. by Deutschen Bahn AG's query system (there's aGerman version, also).

Foot path from stations
Walk from station Lennershof or terminus Hustadt of the (here overground) subway U35 about 600 meter to Bochum University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule). The six storey building A can be seen from the stations (formed in tiers and red metal frames on the left front-side).

Still nearer is the (weekday's) terminus of bus 346 within the big parking area. From that terminus you just walk through the car entrance (automatic gate) to building D.
In Uni-Center's basement (U35 station Ruhr-Universität) are the bus terminals, including line 346, and also taxicabs.

Journey by car
From west (Duisburg / Düsseldorf via Essen) use Autobahn A40 until exit BO-Stahlhausen and follow direction Ruhr-Universität (Wattenscheider Straße > Oviedo-Ring > Sheffield-Ring > Universitätsstraße).
University's souroundings --> double size
From other directions (by Autobahn A43 oder A45 / A44) drive until exit BO-Querenburg within the "Autobahnkreuz" Bochum-Witten.

Visitor's parking
Coming by (4 lane) Universitätsstraße use exit "Fachhochschule (Uni-Ost)" for Schattbachstraße (upper street in tiny map up on right), and find after only 150 m the entrances to public parking.

To drive through the campus car entrance you need a chip card or an appointment. To go there drive on another 300m turning twice left (into Lennershofstraße.
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